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Communications - telephones

Telephone jargon is another sphere of phraseology that affects us all - we all use the telephone for good and for evil.

Many niche jargon directories do not really affect the public but as phone use is so high telephone jargon is definitely an area that most of us need to know something about.

Whether it be mobile phones or land lines, our telephone jargon directory will cover it all. People even use phone jargon themselves without even knowing it.

As telephone use grows it will be exiting to see what other forms or telephone jargon evolve to cater for new technologies that the telephone will surely embrace.


Telephone jargon.

ANALOGUE EXTENSIONS Extensions that allow the connection of standard phones.

ANALOGUE LINES Standard telephone lines.

AUTO ANSWER If you have a Voice Mail Module installed, a pre-programmed greeting is played to external callers while the system is in day service. If you wish, you can use this feature as an automatic answering machine at times when the phones are unattended.

AUTO ATTENDANT Callers can ring straight through to an extension if they know the extension number when the line is programmed with Auto Attendant, the caller hears a message, whereupon they can then dial the extension number If the extension is busy, or the number dialled is invalid, the call is then presented as a standard incoming call.

CALL BARRING Restrictions placed on an extension which prevent certain types of call being made from that extension.

CALL DIVERSION You can either divert all of your calls to ring at another extension, or you can set your phone to divert calls if your extension is busy or if there is no answer.

CALL LOGGING This feature allows you to print out records of calls made.

CALL TRANSFER You can transfer an incoming call which has rung at your extension to any other extension within the system.

CAMP ON BUSY If you get a busy tone (engaged tone) when you call an extension, you can stay off hook and when the called phone becomes free your extension will call the phone.

CCU (Central Control Unit) This is the main wall-mounted unit of your system.

CLI (Calling line Identity) This ISDN Network Service provides the number of the calling line to the called number. DASSll lines BT ISDN 30 standard.

DDI (Direct Dialling In) This ISDN Network Service enables extensions to be dialled directly See MSN as an alternative service providing the same capability.

DIGITAL EXTENSIONS Extensions that require special system phones.

DND A feature which allows you to set your extension so that it does not receive any calls.

ENQUIRY CALL This enables you to place an external call on hold while you call and speak to an extension, then returns to the original call.

EURO Q931 ISDN30 Euro standard.

FAX DETECT If you have a dedicated fax number, you can programme your system to distinguish between incoming fax and voice calls This will operate only on calls containing the initial fax tone, otherwise you have to answer the call manually then transfer to the fax extension.

HANDSFREE A facility which allows you to make or receive calls without lifting the handset.

HYBRID A PABX which can be used with all calls coming in via an operator, or as a key system which requires no operator, or as a mixture of the two.

ISDN Integrated services digital A digital exchange line enabling voice, data, still images and video communication to be transmitted simultaneously Network.

ISDN2e ISDN2e Euro standard.

KEY SYSTEM A small telephone system in which each extension has keys enabling it to act as a mini-switchboard.

LAST NUMBER REDIAL A facility which enables you to redial the last number you dialled by pressing just one key. LD (Loop Disconnect) A system of pulse dialling. This type of signalling is used only in the older type of phone, now rapidly being replaced.

MESSAGE LIGHT A light located on the phone. It lights to indicate voice messages have been left.

MESSAGE WAITING A voice message has been left on the voice messaging system. This is indicated by the

MESSAGE light on a Featurephone. MF (Multi-frequency) Tone keying this gives much faster connection than LD and is used by the majority of telephone. You needs tone keying to access BTs Network Services.

MOH (Music on Hold) The system plays music to callers who have been put on hold.

MSN Multiple Subscriber Your network provider may provide you with up to 10 individual numbers on each ISDN2 line. These numbers may be used to route calls directly to extensions or other ISDN devices.

NIGHT SERVICE Night service allows you to programme a different set of call restrictions and ringing. You can set the time at which these changes will come into effect, and the time at which day service will resume.

PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network.

SPEED DIALLING Speed dialling enables you to dial frequently-used numbers using two - or three - digit codes, or by pressing a single key There are two types of speed dial numbers; system numbers, which are programmed into locations on the system, and personal numbers, which you can programme onto your phone. TAPI Allows integration of phone systems with computers.

TIME BREAK RECALL A measured time break in the line to inform a PABX that a user wishes to hold or transfer a call.

VOICE MAIL An add on module which can be used to provide Voice mail boxes, answering machine, auto attendant and customised Courtesy services





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