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Golf jargon

"Addressing the ball" – This refers to how one positions their club prior to hitting the ball.

"Par" – Attempts a player is expected to take to accomplish their shot, for example par 3, par 4 or 5.

"Birdie" – Score made on a hole that was one short of par for example: "on par 3, score 2 is a birdie"

"Chip" – Soft, delicate, tender stroke of the ball.

"Hacker" – Term used to describe a "bad golfer". Many golf communities try not to use this insulting term.

"Green fee" – Florida Golf communities use this term referring to the cost of playing on their course.

"Ace" – Also known as hole in one

"Sandbagger" – Florida golfing communities consider these types of golfers the worst type of cheaters- normally they mislead golfers into thinking they aren’t as good as they are.

Fanned it - shot hit weakly to the right

Foozle - poor shot

Mudder - plays well when raining

career shot - perfect shot

field goal - long successful putt

some chew on it - backspin

Two-shotter - par 4 hole

Reload! - in trouble-hit another

Greenie - hit the green in regulation

Cow pasture - golf course in poor condition

Snowman - any score on hole or total with 8

The Tips - tee markers placed as far back as possible

Bug cutter - shot hit low or on the ground

Sack - golf bag

Took the collar - poor shot under pressure

On the beach - in sand trap

Flat stick - the putter

Spoon - 3 wood

Fried Egg - buried in sand trap

High Sweep - high drawing shot with driver or 3 wood

Blacksmith - no feel for short game

Plumber - a successful putter

Quail high - low shot

Rock pile - practice tee

Slam dunk - putt that hits back of the cup hard and falls in

Tugged it - shot pulled to the left

In jail - in the woods

Postage stamp - small green

Short grass - fairway

Worm burner - a ground hugging, poor shot

Smoked it - well hit drive

No-brainer - successful long putt

Beating balls - practicing

Chili-dip - hit three inches behind short chip/pitch

Red Grange - scoring expression(77)

Sandbagger - handicap not legitimate(over handicapped)

Put my nails on - put on golf shoes

Cabbage - thick rough around the green

Stiffed it - shot hit very close to hole

Let the big dog eat - plan to hit drive hard

Drained it - sunk a long putt

Cutty sark intentional - cut(fade) shot for position

Chopper - poor golfer

Bird dog - excellent caddie

Air mailed it - shot hit over the green(without touching the green)

Snapped it - duck hook





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