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Design - Space Planning

Space planning jargon is very much related to management speak and as such is very much in its infancy. Space planning jargon is also influenced by Architects and designers who often input of lot of their own design thoughts into space planning of a building for example.

Space planning jargon is not too difficult to understand and as you can see the directory is not very larger for this space planning jargon section. If you hear of any more jargon please do let us know.


Space Planning Jargon.

CAFM - Computer Aided Facilities Management. Software designed to assist FMs in keeping track of and maintaining assets, in conjunction with replanning of space on CAD.

Feasibility Studies - Exercise undertaken with a view to establish what are the best options for an organisation, e.g. to refurbish or relocate.

Facilities Management - The management of facilities, ensuring that the workplace is maintained in line with the expectations of the organisation.

CAD - Computer Aided Design. Software enabling the user to create floorplans of the building. This software proves most useful when undertaking (furniture) layout changes, partitioning changes or feasibility studies.

Health & Safety Audits - To check if an organisation is compliant with all of the current Health & Safety legislation.

Churn - Relocating staff or workstations within a building. The number of moves per year is expressed as a percentage of the number of workplaces provided, e.g. 100 staff with 80 moves = 80% churn.

Fixed fee proposal - Instead of charging fees by the hour or by a percentage of the project cost, a fixed fee is proposed instead.

Net Internal Area - Total area of a building between internal faces of external or atrium walls excluding core areas.

Gross - Gross Internal Area, is the total area of the building between internal faces of external or atrium walls, including internal structure and core, but excluding roof plant and unlit areas.

Core Area - The area containing lifts, stairs, common lobbies, plant and service areas, ducts, toilets and the area of internal structure.

Primary/Secondary Circulation - Primary are major routes which link fire escapes, Secondary are routes connecting groups of workplaces to the primary circulation routes.

Floor Plate - Gross internal floor area available on one floor.






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