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Shopping - Retail Trade

B2B - business to business

B2C - business to consumer

CNP - card not present. Credit card not seen at point of transaction, e.g. in internet sales (potential fraud problem).

CRP - continuous replenishment program. Goods replenished on the basis of forecast demand.

CRM - customer relationship management.

E-commerce - sales carried out through the internet.

EAS - electronic article surveillance. Anti-shoplifting device.

EDI - electronic data interchange - this is an IT system that monitors sales and profits and stock information

GP - gross profit

HR - human resources.

POS - point of sale - usually refers to information around the store i.e. Point of sale material

Margin - the difference between the buying price and the selling price in %age terms

SCM - supply chain management - literally managing the stock from point of origin though to sales floor

T-commerce - sales carried out through television.





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