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Football Jargon.

Booked - when a player is deemed to have contravened the rules so his name and number are noted by the referee.

Caution - a warning by the referee for an offence committed during the match. This is not as serious as a "booking".

Centre Spot - A spot marked in the centre of the halfway line from where the kick-off takes place.

Corner flags - Guess what, these are the flags placed in the four corners of the pitch from where corner kicks are taken.

Corner kick - This is the technical bit. A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team when the ball passes over the defender's goal line, having last been played by a defender.

Cross - When a player kicks the ball from a position near the touchline into midfield, usually the penalty or goal area.

Direct free kick. A kick given by the referee from which a goal can be scored directly by the player taking the kick.

Extra time - When a definite result is required (usually in a knock-out competition) and the score is level at the end of normal time i.e. 90 minutes, an extra 30 minutes is played i.e. 15 minutes each way is played.

In some instances the 'Golden Goal' rule applies whereby the first goal scored during extra time wins the match.

Foul - an infringement of the rules.

Goal - this is how the game is scored. A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the line under the bar and between the goalposts, under conditions covered by the game.

Goal area, The small rectangular area extending 6 yds./5.49 m each side of the goalposts and into the field of play.

Goal-kick - this is awarded when the ball has passed over the goal line either side of the goal mouth, having last been played by an attacking player.

Hand-ball. When a player (other than the goal keeper) touches the ball with his hand, either accidentally or on purpose, on the field of play. This is an offence and will be penalised.

Indirect free kick. A kick awarded by the referee from which a goal cannot be scored unless the ball has been touched by two or more players.

Injury time. An amount of time added on to the normal 90 minutes to compensate for time taken in dealing with such things as injuries during the game.

Kick-off. This takes place at the start of the game both at the beginning and after half-time, and also after a goal has been scored. The ball is placed on the "Centre spot" and the ball must be played forward by the side kicking off.

Linesmen. The officials both sides of the pitch who help the referee in controlling the game.

Marking. When players keep another player in close proximity to discourage passes to him and to restrict his movements if he does receive the ball.

Offside (the dreaded offside rule - another technical bit) An attacking player is "offside" when he is in the defending team's half of the pitch, nearer to the opponents' goal line than a defender at the moment that an attacking ball is played through to him by a teammate.





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