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The education profession especially at government level is heaving with education jargon.  Again just another example of inadequate academics and government committees who don't live in the real world , fail to take personal responsibility and are simply there to create work for themselves in order to justify their positions.

They have more departments, work descriptions, target descriptions and stupid impractical organisations than any 'banana republic' known to man.

This education jargon buster directory simply scratches the surface of a whole swathe of jargon designed to keep normal folk in the dark and let government members off the hook when it fails as it usually does.

They all seem to end up at Brussels like most other failed politicians.  Education jargon is the pits for me - the lowest of the low - the most obnoxious jargon ever invented.


Education Jargon

CEN Community Education Network

CENs Community Empowerment Networks

DCMS Department for Culture, Media and Sport (England)

DfES Department for Education and Skills (England)

DoH Department of Health DoE Department of Education (Northern Ireland)

EA Education Authority (Scotland) EAZ Education Action Zone

EBP Education Business Partnership

EDP Education Development Plan

ELB Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

HEI Higher Education Institution

ICT information and communication techonology

KS1 Key Stage 1 (primary school, ages 4 to 7)

KS2 Key Stage 2 (primary school, ages 7 to 11)

KS3 Key Stage 3 (secondary school, ages 11 to 13)

KS4 Key Stage 4 (secondary school, ages 13 to 16) LEA Local Education Authority (England and Wales) LSP local strategic partnerships

NCSL National College for School Leadership

NEET not in education, employment or training NPQH National Professional Qualification for Headteachers

NVQ National Vocational Qualifications ooshl out-of-school-hours learning oshl out-of-school-hours learning PESSCL PE, School Sport and Club Links strategy

PRU Pupil Referral Unit

QTS Qualified Teacher Status

SEED Scottish Executive Education Department

SEN special education needs

SENCO special education needs coordinator

SSCo School Sport Co-ordinator TESSS The Extended Schools Support Service

TSA Trust for the Study of Adolescence

WAG Welsh Assembly Government YLC Young Leaders in the Community

YST Youth Sports Trust





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